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Investment Opportunities in Italy

The region which is earkmarked as the most interesting area for investors is the “Reggio di Calabria” or Calabria region, which is in the south of Italy, on the “toe” of the Italian peninsula.

To the south of Naples and north-east of Sicily, the region covers over 15 thousand square kilometres and has a population of around 2 million inhabitants. The regional capital is Catanzaro.

The main tourist draws in Calabria are the coastline and the mountains. The coastline alternates between rugged cliffs and sandy beaches, and is sparsely interrupted by development when compared to other European seaside destinations.

Calabria is a land of contrasts, in many respects, with a mainly Mediterranean climate of over 40 °C in the summer along low valley areas and below zero temperatures in the mountains in winter. This affords a very special destination with the potential for fantastic summer holidays and superb winter breaks as well.

“Meandering through Calabria is as good as stepping back in time” – The unspoilt coastlines of Calabria have only recently been discovered by tourists and as such property prices reflect the early stages of the property market.

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