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Political Factors Brazil

The Brazilian Federation is based on the indissoluble association of three autonomous political entities: the States, the Municipalities and the Federal District. A fourth entity originated in the aforementioned association: the Union. There is no hierarchy among the political entities. The Federation is set on six fundamental principles: sovereignty, citizenship, dignity of the people, social value of labor, freedom of enterprise, and political pluralism. During 2005 alone, 210,000 jobs were created in the tourism sector and in excess of $736 million was invested by the government in 2005 alone.

The Brazilian government launched a National Tourism Plan in 2003, with clear objectives, many of which have already been surpassed as follows:
  • Generate 1,200,000 new jobs
  • Receive 8 billion dollars in foreign currency
  • Attract over 9 million foreign tourists per annum (in 2006 was almost 12 million)
  • Increase the number of domestic travellers to 65 million per annum (in 2006 was over 84 million)
  • Develop at least three quality resorts in every Brazilian state

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